Bunch saffron

Bunch saffron or whole-strand saffron is the base of all kinds of saffron.
Eyjan Saffron Company with years of experience in producing first-class saffron, exporting it to all over the world and gaining customer satisfaction, as well as obtaining numerous certificates, has now made it possible for customers from all over the world to buy first-class saffron directly from Iran and the Iranian saffron manufacturer.
This company carries out all stages of saffron production from planting to harvesting, processing, and packaging independently, and cultivates quality saffron in the best agricultural lands of Iran and exports it to all over the world.
Due to the fact that Eyjan Saffron Company is a producer of saffron, it is possible to order any type of saffron, including Bunch saffron, in any required quantity online in all seasons and receive it in luxury packages as soon as possible.

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What is Bunch saffron?

Bunch saffron

Many people know only one type of saffron as saffron, which is Sargol saffron and they are mostly are unaware of the existence of other types of saffron.
But there are different types of saffron, which are known by different names due to the amount ratio of stigma and cream. These are Super Negin Saffron, Negin saffron, Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron, Bunch saffron, and White saffron (saffron root).
Bunch saffron or whole-strand saffron, which is also called ”Dokhtarpichsaffron, completely includes all parts of saffron, namely stigma, and cream. The cream part is usually 3 to 5 mm and depending on the quality of saffron, the stigma part can be longer or shorter.
To produce Daste saffron, they separate the saffron strands from the petals, dries them, and puts them together. The top of these whole strands is reddish and the ends are orange-yellow.

Bunch saffron can be produced in several ways:

Arrange the strings on top of each other, either unilaterally or bilaterally
In a one-way arrangement, the stigmas are stacked on top of each other and the creams are stacked on top of each other
In the two-way arrangement, the stigmas are on both sides and the cream is in the middle.
This type of saffron, due to having all the saffron parts, has all the properties of saffron and even saffron farmers themselves use Daste saffron for their consumption.

Characteristics of Bunch/ Daste saffron

Complete string saffron or Bunch saffron has several prominent and important characteristics. These features include:

  • Having all the saffron properties
  • Impossibility of fraud and guaranteeing the authenticity of the product
  • Lower price in equal weight
  • coloring power between 120 to 150 USP

Why buy Bunch saffron

Bunch saffron

Bunch saffron: Having the main properties of saffron

Many people think that the white part of saffron, which is the root of saffron, has no properties and it’s an extra part, but it has been proven that this part also has many properties and its consumption is beneficial for the body.
Therefore, with the use of whole-strand saffron, all its extraordinary properties can be benefited.

Daste saffron: No possibility of fraud

In other types of saffron, such as Negin and Sargol saffron, because saffron is all red and uniform, there is a high possibility of fraud.
But Daste saffron is the safest type of saffron due to the existence of its roots because this type of saffron can not be dyed or mixed with other saffron. So you can buy Bunch saffron with confidence.

Whole-strand saffron: Cheaper price

Due to the presence of saffron root, which is cheaper than stigma, the price of this type of saffron is cheaper than the equal amount of Negin or Sargol saffron, and this is one of the other advantages of buying Bunch saffron or the whole-strand saffron.

Bunch saffron Price

Bunch saffron

The main value of saffron is related to the red part of the saffron stigma. The compounds in saffron stigma cause the pleasant taste of saffron. The coloring power of saffron is also related to the crocin in the stigmas. Therefore, the larger the stigma; Saffron is better.
Therefore Bunch saffron has a lower color, taste, and aroma rather than other types of saffron and it is cheaper.
By ordering saffron from major Iranian saffron producer companies such as Eyjan saffron company you can reduce the costs and buy Bunch saffron at a more reasonable price.

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