saffron powder

Saffron powder, which is one of the by-products of saffron, is obtained from the grinding of saffron.

This product of Eyjan Saffron Company has been produced without any pollution and impurity and without any chemical additives or food coloring and has been prepared purely from the best Sargol saffron.

Eyjan Saffron Company with years of experience in producing first-class saffron, exporting it to all over the world and gaining customer satisfaction, as well as obtaining numerous certificates, has now made it possible for customers from all over the world to buy first-class saffron directly from Iran and the Iranian saffron manufacturer.
This company carries out all stages of saffron production from planting to harvesting, processing, and packaging independently, and cultivates quality saffron in the best agricultural lands of Iran and exports it to all over the world.
Due to the fact that Eyjan Saffron Company is a producer of different types of saffron, it is possible to order any type of saffron, including saffron powder, in any required quantity online in all seasons and receive it in luxury packages as soon as possible.

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What is saffron powder?

saffron powder

Pure saffron powder is usually obtained after drying and during cleaning in workshops. In fact, the powder is the same string or crushed and broken stigmas of saffron that is created during work.
At the end of the work, they are carefully collected and sieved. Of course, before sieving, you can also see the white parts of saffron in it.
In fact, the saffron powder is the same as a ground powder without any added additives. Buying saffron powder for home consumption and use in restaurants is economical in terms of price.

What is the saffron powder used for?

this product can be used like saffron strings in foods, desserts, and sweets. It is also used in soups, rice. Saffron powder has a very high coloring power and can be a good alternative to saffron.

Saffron powder properties

Saffron powder is a rich source of vitamin A, folic acid, copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, riboflavin, and thiamine and has more than 150 antioxidant compounds.
Saffron is also effective in treating depression and diabetes. It brightens the skin and eliminates pimples, acne, and blemishes. Saffron powder is sedative, appetizing, antispasmodic, prevents heart disease and cancer, strengthens memory, and lowers blood pressure.
On the other hand, it helps digestion and strengthens the stomach, and is used as a sedative, especially in gum pain. According to research, the use of saffron powder in food and drinking at least one cup of saffron tea is recommended for relaxation.
It increases concentration and is effective in preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. it’s effective in treating nerve pain and insomnia.

How do you use saffron powder?

Using saffron powder is very simple.

To prepare it, dissolve some of it in water and give it some time to brew. After about 10 minutes, you can enjoy the color and aroma of Eyjan saffron.

How to store saffron powder?

saffron powderBe sure to pour the saffron powder into a sealed container to prevent moisture from penetrating into it.
Never expose saffron or its container to direct sunlight, as this will cause the saffron flavor to disappear after a while. In order to prevent the loss of safron properties and aroma during storage, it is recommended to use metal containers or dark glass to store it.
Storing saffron powder in the presence of hot air, like any other spice or flavoring, reduces the effective ingredients of saffron, so it is recommended to keep it in a dry and cool place as much as possible.
The storage and packaging conditions of powdered saffron are also very important, therefore, in order to increase the shelf life of saffron, Eyjan Company has considered suitable containers for its packaging.
Eyjan saffron powder is packaged in such a way that air and moisture do not enter it and it maintains the quality of saffron.

Saffron powder price

Saffron powder has a better price than saffron flowers and can be a good alternative. Since the price of saffron has become very expensive today, the use of its powder seems to be a good solution and can be a good alternative.

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Original saffron powder

Due to the fact that saffron powder can be easily mixed with other ingredients such as artificial colors and turmeric, so it is recommended to buy this product from reputable stores and well-known saffron brands such as Eyjan saffron. Saffron powder produced by reputable brands will be 100% pure and natural and is prepared from all red saffron stigmas.

Note that products that have impurities are cheaper than the original.

Crude saffron powder basically creates very limited flavor and color in food. In fact, the higher the quality of powdered saffron, the higher its coloring power. So if you dissolve a small amount of saffron powder in water; You will see the very colorful color of saffron.

Some producers of this product also use some sugar powder in order to absorb saffron powder in their product preparation, but Eyjan saffron powder is 100% pure and Eyjan company refuses to use this method to prepare saffron powder.

Also, many people confuse the color of food in the market. It should be noted that food coloring, which is offered even by hand sellers, is completely chemical and harmful, and saffron has not been used in its preparation in any way. In this case, not only does saffron not have the properties, but it is very harmful to your health.

How to prepare saffron powder

saffron powder

If you have prepared saffron in strands, you should know how to get the taste and color out of these strands. To increase the taste and aroma as well as the color of the saffron product, you must first prepare it in powder form and then brew it and use it in cooking.

You can prepare saffron powder at home using a mill.

Note that when grinding saffron, its strands must be completely dry, so if the saffron you are using is not fresh and dried, this saffron should be dried first in the oven or on a gas flame and then ground. do.

The process of drying saffron in the oven is better because the heat hits it from all sides. But be careful that saffron should not be left in the oven too much because it will burn and spoil quickly.

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